Friday, 21 October 2011

Daisy loves the wood-burner!

On Sunday evening, sweetie~pies, we lit the wood-burner for the first time this season 

I think it is clear that Daisy approves of this new seasonal development ;-)

The rug in front of the fireplace has now become her favourite snoozing spot

Mind you, she isn't best pleased when I ever so politely ask her to move so that I can safely add more logs for her heat-consuming pleasure

She soon gets over being huffy though and resumes warming her fluffy little belly

Cats always find the best places to nap, don't they, my loves :-)

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JENNIFER said...

Thank you so much Sharon for the sweet comments, I'm so glad you liked my re-do :o) Your kitty has the right idea! LOL! It's been cold here to but I haven't lit our first fire in the fireplace yet... pretty soon though if the weather stays this cool. We are supposed to warm up to the mid 60's next week. I hope you had a nice week, I'm ready for the weekend! Have a great day! Hugs Jennifer