Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Time to give myself a shake

image by dan

My postings have been very thin on the ground these past few months, my loves, I know.  I've had a difficult sort of time; my get-up-and-go seemed to have got-up-and-gone, and I've been decidedly lacking in enthusiasm for doing much of anything really if I am honest.  I've been in a rut with nothing, it seems, to tell you of interest ~ lord knows, I've been boring myself, let alone all of you sweetie~pies! ~ and all-in-all I've been feeling pretty fed up and sorry for myself!

Before things got even worse (I could feel the approach of a "low" period), I made the decision to give myself a good talking to.  It's not always that easy though, is it, to give oneself advice and good counsel *sigh*  But since I don't want to find myself sinking into a period of depression, I really do have to start making an effort with myself and my life.

The trouble is that I feel like I have lost any ability I might have had to write a single word about anything of interest ~ mind you, my loves, I guess that's because I haven't actually been doing anything even remotely interesting!  I really have no excuse not to be doing anything, though, as there are heaps of things that I could be getting on with here.  Perhaps I am just a teensy wee bit worried that I will bore you all rigid with my ramblings about my ordinary little life??  Other folk out there in the blogland seem to do such interesting and creative things; their lives appear so full.  I, on the other hand, am simply a middle-aged woman who most of the time doesn't feel that she has a creative bone in her body or interesting thought in her head!

Still, I can't just sit here in this rut for the rest of my life, can I sweetie~pies?  No, I shall just have to get on with all the "boring" stuff, thinking and talking about my ordinary life.  Of course, I really do hope that I shan't bore you all too much my loves with my future posts ~ but please bear with me as I'm afraid that I really do rather need the practice ;-)


Floss said...

Do you know what? When I blog a lot, I always have something to write. When I've taken time away, I come back wondering what on earth I could say. I've heard other bloggers saying the same thing. Clearly, not many of us do anything momentous, and not many readers care about that! It's just the everyday stuff that is nice to share - if you have the time and inclination to share it with us! What I'm saying is, welcome back and don't worry at all about having anything important to say - it's just nice to be part of the blogging community.

Sharon said...

Yes, you are quite right sweetie! The longer I went without posting anything, the harder it became to find anything to say! I do know though that some of it was down to having a bit of a "depression dip" ~ things always seem worse than they truly are when one is feeling low :-)

Sandi said...

I read this post sweetie and found myself nodding in agreement with everything you say. I am prone to depression and when I hit a low spell I kind of raise the (social) drawbridge, cut myself off from everything and everyone and hope that eventually I shall start to feel better and able to share again. My blog is a reflection of this and I went through a long period of not wanting or being able to post. Once I had emerged from my dark period I decided that whatever I post I do it for myself so I just started with lots of photo's and very little text. Even now if I don't have anything much to say I let my pictures speak for me. Judging by your most recent posts you are feeling much better about things and looking wonderful too. Thanks for stopping by 'my place' darling girl and take care.
((((hugs)))) Sandi x