Saturday, 5 November 2011


I will be perfectly honest, sweetie~pies: I look around my home and feel totally overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that I see.  I'm flitting about from one damn thing to the next, barely landing in one place, like the proverbial butterfly ~ and I am awfully tired of it all.  Thankfully I have been doing a fair bit of thinking and decision-making these past few weeks, and have finally reached a point in my head where I know that it's the right time for me to start decluttering and downsizing all the collections of this, that and the other that I have started. 

I feel like I am finally coming out of a tunnel into the light and fresh air.  Of course I do realise that this has been of my own making, but at the time it felt so comforting and safe.  It’s almost as if I have been wrapping myself up in all this "stuff" for some kind of protection ~ which on reflection I rather think I have, my loves.  It has certainly been an easier path to take than sorting myself out, that’s for sure!  But the clearing/sorting out of my wardrobe and drawers has given me an incredible boost; I was absolutely amazed at how much better I felt for having done it.

I also realise that it must seem rather incongruous, sweetie~pies, to be talking about decluttering and downsizing hot-on-the-heels of the recent posts showing my summer acquisitions ~ and I have to tell you that there are more photos to upload and post yet!  But my plan isn’t to stop collecting; rather it is to confine myself to those things that I truly love and which give me the most pleasure.  Although I have not yet physically sorted anything out, I have made some tentative decisions on what will be going and what will be staying.  And even that small first step has lightened the load which I feel I have been carrying on my shoulders and in my mind.  This decluttering/downsizing exercise will be carried out in The Shed at some point as well.  First things first, though, Sharon ~ concentrate on getting the house sorted out to start with ;-)   
There are to be even more changes in my life over the coming weeks/months and I will share them with you later, my loves, as they happen.  In the meantime, you will no doubt be looking forward to seeing the results of the downsizing and decluttering ~ I am certainly looking forward to sharing the process with you! 


Sharon said...

My perfect dream...... take everything out of the house that I really want and then have a clear out estate sale, then start fresh. Of course, DH is not of that mind, LOL!

Sandi said...

Hi sweetie,
I know exactly where you're coming from, in fact it could have been me who wrote this post as I identify with it so much.
I have in the past called my collecting habit therapy, relaxation, a treat to myself and everything else besides. Now don't get me wrong, I love having pretty, unusual things around me and I have said many times over the years that I cannot do minimalism. However I too reached the stage where you're at right now and thankfully I was forced to stop collecting. Coincidentally, I too was in my 50th year.
Our financial circumstances changed dramatically and every item purchased had to be justified and totally necessary. It soon cured me of the 'I wants' although conversely I have never been materialistic, just love old, quirky stuff.
Now I no longer feel the need to go out 'mooching' and I know it's because I feel more at peace within myself. I am so pleased for you that you feel ready to divest yourself of all the clutter you have surrounded yourself with. Think of all that space you will create and so much less 'stuff' to gather dust and demand yet more of your precious time to keep it looking good. Or the guilt if you can't be bothered or don't feel up to the task.
Your 50th birthday seems to have been the catalyst for you and all I can say is just go for it and enjoy that satisfying feeling of liberation. 50 isn't old but it is the time to address old issues and let go of ingrained habits and welcome all that is still to come.
Take care darling girl.
Sandi x

JENNIFER said...

I don't even want to think about the mess I have in my basement :o/
LOL! I need to sort,discard,recycle,declutter,throw out etc.....not enough time in a day! Hugs Jennifer