Thursday, 29 December 2011

Doggie deluge!

Well okay, my loves, no doggies in this photo but they were with Adrian and myself when I took the photo ;-)  We often take the mutts for a walk along the Purwell Valley River Walk, which is on our doorstep as it were.

A view along the river.  Beverly and I took Matty and Nikki along here yesterday and I was quite shocked by the amount of litter everywhere :-( 

I must confess that I am pretty selective about the photos I take, trying to avoid all the "nasty" bits, but perhaps I should have an exercise in photographing all the rubbish folk dump.  I just don't understand why people think it is perfectly okay to simply drop their beer cans, cigarette packets/stubs, bottles, etc, wherever they go.  Do they do this in their own homes for goodness sake!

The water runs very quickly beneath the road and is surprisingly noisy!

Hubby and the "kids" at the end of our walk :-)

I often find Mr Matty laying like this, sweetie~pies!  His eyes gradually close and then his head starts to droop LOL

My beautiful little girlie :-)

We took Nikki and Matty along to a little dog show the other week, just over on Walsworth Common.  We were "persuaded" to enter them both into the best rescue dog category and Nikki won second place!  Oh no my loves, she isn't sleeping ~ just being suitably modest about her success ;-)

Nikki finds that Matty makes a very nice footstool, thank you very much LOL  Matty is very laid back and doesn't seem to be in the least bit bothered when Nikki rests her head or feet on him, but she isn't quite so accommodating when he does the same! 

Snoozing back-to-back :-)

Nap time!  Beverly had to move in the end as she was getting so hot LOL

My two gorgeous girlies :-)

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