Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nikki and the doggie dentist

Nikki went to the vet for her dental work on the 9th December.  This treatment was funded by the GRWE as it was work which needed to be done in any event, whether Nikki had been rehomed or not.

She was kept in overnight as more surgery was done than had originally been anticipated.  When the vet examined Nikki's mouth it was apparent that there was a lot more damage than had been realised previously.  As well as having teeth extracted, the poor little girl also had to have part of her jaw removed and it was discovered that at some point she had lost part of her tongue :-(

Nikki came through the surgery okay but the vet wanted to keep her in overnight so that she could see how she coped with eating the following day.  We knew that Nikki would need teeth removing simply because of the damage to her jaw from the presumed badger-baiting; as you know, she lost her lower lip as well. The damage was worse than had been thought though when she was first examined on arriving here from Ireland.  Sadly, it didn't really come as a surprise when I was told that she had had to have more extensive surgery.  When you see her close up and see all the scars she has, it's a miracle that she has survived to be frank ~ let alone sustain a pregnancy and give birth to eight puppies. She is a little fighter!

My little girl came home the following morning :-)  She was pretty subdued at the vet's and snuggled up against me whilst we waited for Kelli (the GRWE area co-ordinator, who was coming to pick us up) to arrive.  Nikki had all four canines removed, along with an incisor which was sticking straight out of her mouth.  She has also had part of her jaw removed at the front and her lip "tidied up".  I have to say that the vet at the Boness Vetinary Hospital (in Barton-Le-Clay, Bedfordshire) did a wonderful job; looking at Nikki now, she just looks as if she has an undershot jaw ~ it's quite amazing!

Here is a closer photo of Nikki's jaw, although it's not that easy to see what has been done I must admit!  She has had a couple of check-ups and is due to go back to the vet next week for another.  They are pleased with her progress but the healing process is taking some time, which is hardly surprising when you consider what has been done.  The canine teeth were pretty large and consequently left big holes in her jaws which had to be sutured.  She has just finished her antibiotics and is doing very well.  She has been eating well since virtually straight after the operation and is now back to playing with her toys ~ a good sign, methinks :-)

Here she is before her big op, cuddled up with her Dad :-)

Our beautiful little Nikki deserves to live a happy, contented life, free from fear ~ and Adrian and I will do all we can to ensure that she does just that for the rest of her doggy days :-)

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fluffymuffin said...

Bless her heart, I do hope she has a speedy recovery and I am sure she has many years of love and comfort to look forward to now. I have every sympathy for her as just before Christmas I too had a tooth out and my mouth still aches a little now. She is so brave :)