Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A tad late...

...but the Christmas puddings are all done now, sweetie~pies :-)

It doesn't look like much at the moment, does it my loves?  But it smelt wonderful with the spices and alcohol before it even started cooking.  I always mix the pudding ingredients in my preserving pan as my largest mixing bowl isn't man enough for the job.  This year was a close call for the preserving pan, though, as I made double what I usually do!

Seven of the eight pudding awaiting their turn to be steamed.  Four were for friends/neighbours, three for family and one for us :-)

My old steamer, teamed with my Grandma's even older saucepan.  Hours and hours of steaming ensued ~ the biggest puddings took 7 hours, the smaller ones 6 and the smallest one of all took 5 hours.  The house was filled with the most glorious aroma whilst all that steaming was going on!

The first pudding (for a friend), gently steaming away on top of the hob :-)  The recipe for The Larkin Family Christmas Pudding is here.

Matty and Nikki were totally oblivious to all the kitchen activity, much preferring to have a snooze LOL

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