Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The "Art" of Procrastination

There are only two of us, sweetie~pies, but my word there sure is an awful lot of stuff in my basket waiting to be ironed!  You see, I am a master of the art of procrastination and the Merriam-Webster definition describes yours truly with frightening accuracy:

"to put off intentionally the doing of something which should be done"
I am ashamed to admit that my procrastination skills are not just confined to ironing.  Oh no indeed, I employ this "art" in many other areas of my life too ~ which rather goes to explain why the house is in such a dire mess, not to mention many other aspects of my life..... 

The silly thing is that in the case of ironing, for instance, the thought of doing it is far worse than the actual doing.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that once I get started I really do rather enjoy the task!  Of course, the way I go about it probably seems rather peculiar, even a bit daft and time-consuming, but it makes me feel very efficient and well organised ;-)  First off, I unload the laundry in the ironing basket, putting things into various piles: long-sleeved shirts; short-sleeved shirts (see I said I was waaaaay behind, didn't I my loves!); tee shirts; pillowcases; hankies; etc.  At the moment, because I have so much ironing to catch up with, I am setting myself the task of filling no more than six clothes-hangers at each session, with two shirts on each hanger.  So I iron a shirt, then do something like a tee shirt and say three hankies, then another shirt ~ and so it goes on LOL  I've been following this ironing pattern for years now sweetie~pies!  I expect some of you do all the shirts first, or all the tee shirts or pillowcases, and others just do each piece as it comes up in the pile.

I do like my method of tackling my ironing though; it is soothing to have a familiar, well-trodden, routine.  Ironing, like so many of the other household chores, doesn't really require much thinking about does it?  So my mind is free to wander in many different directions and I can get a great deal of thinking/daydreaming/planning done during an ironing session ~ multi-tasking, my loves ;-)

So whilst I haven't made any New Year resolutions as such, I do have a list of goals I would like to achieve this year.  And right at the very top of that list is to eliminate my tendency to procrastinate ~ after that, many of my other goals should simply drop into place!

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

OMG! I posted about this ages ago and I still do it! Fantastic post! I am off to create lists and surf the net!