Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Little splashes of sunshine...

At long last, my loves, we have got ourselves a fire surround ~ now we just need to get the chimney-breast decorated ;-)

Who would've thought that it would be such a difficult job finding a surround that I really liked!  It was quite hard to find one that was a suitable fit for the hearth and opening and I also didn't want anything "fancy".  I was so pleased when I finally found this simple oak surround on ebay :-)

And we now have a little door on our chimney-breast too, sweetie~pies!  I expect you already know that it is a soot door LOL  Our very nice chimney-sweep, Mr Fisher, fitted it for us last week.  Now he will find it so much easier each time he comes to clean our chimney!

A little splash of sunshine in the corner of the living room windowsill ~ aren't the flowers on this cactus pretty, sweetie~pies?  It really must like living on this windowsill, even though it faces more or less north and doesn't exactly get much sunshine during the winter.  Mind you, it does get lots of daylight so I guess that helps. 

It was a gift from my Mum quite some time ago and when she bought it, it had little orange dried flowers glued to the spines!  I really didn't like them at all, they looked so unnatural, so I very carefully pulled them off.  I was so pleased when it flowered, it was almost as if the cactus was saying thank you for removing those nasty 'ole dried flowers!

A closer view of the pretty yellow cactus flowers :-)  Why anyone would glue dried flowers to a cactus when it has its own perfectly lovely blooms beats me! 

Hip, hip, hooray ~ Tesco are doing the bunches of daffodils in their online grocery shopping once more, my loves!  I always buy some when I do my shopping, they are just so cheerful.  I put these in this pretty blue jug to brighten up our somewhat dark hall :-)

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JENNIFER said...

Hi Sharon, Your Chimney surround is beautiful. We have a wood mantel and our fireplace has rock around it... It's not very pretty but I decorate the mantel up and make it pretty :o)
I never saw a cactus bloom before...Wow! the flower is just gorgeous, I have no idea why some one would glue flowers on a live plant either...that's just crazy! LOL!
Daffodils remind me of spring. Have a sweet day! Hugs Jennifer