Thursday, 5 January 2012

Red sky in the morning.....and I think I'm in love!

Oh yes indeedy, my loves, I think I may be in love with my new vacuum cleaner!  I was getting pretty frustrated with my Dyson as it simply wasn't picking up the animal hairs very well at all. The final straw was when I took a close-up photo of Nikki's mouth and was absolutely horrified to see a thick layer of black hair all over the carpet *eeeeek

So I went online and searched for reviews on vacuums suitable for households with pets.  The Miele Cat & Dog came out very favourably indeed plus Beverly had recommended it as well, since they have the same model.  As luck would have it John Lewis had it in their sale, so we bought one for £199 instead of the usual price of £249.  It arrived on Tuesday and I used it for the first time yesterday.  Sweetie~pies, I was totally amazed at how much dirt and gunk it slurped up ~ I just keep looking at the floor because the carpets look so much cleaner, it's as if they have been shampooed!  I was also quite shocked at how much of my hair ended up wound round the roller ~ pieces of my long hair, from before I had it cut short.  The Dyson hadn't been picking that up either.  The other thing which was very noticeable was that the air actually smelt fresher, which I guess is due to the charcoal filter in the machine.

Beverly thinks it's rather sad to be so excited about a vacuum cleaner LOL  But I am not in the least bit embarrassed to admit that I am very happy indeed with my new jolly red household helper :-)

And talking of red, just look at this photo of the sky I took first thing yesterday morning.  Isn't it beautiful, my loves, a real "Bob Ross" sky!

Mind you, we have had the weather to go with the red-sky-in-the-morning warning here in good 'ole Blighty.  Gale-force winds, rain and we even had a little sleet thrown into the mix yesterday as well *sigh*  'Tis still pretty windy today but at least the sun has been shining at times and it hasn't been so wet. 

The pooches and I timed it right for our morning walk ~ we got back just before it rained!  We didn't go as far as we usually do, though, as both Matty and Nikki seemed very keen to get back home again once they had provided me with a little something to poop-scoop ;-)  Poor Matty in particular really isn't keen on wet and/or windy weather, bless him.  Nikki, though, is much more stoic and will plod on beside me ~ but it has to be said that she doesn't protest when I turn for home LOL

If you are having a bout of bad weather, my loves, do take care and keep safe (((hugs)))

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Sharon said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my vacuums - all four of them, they each have their merits, but none have ease AND do all the jobs without half killing me. Yah, I know all about the dog and people hair - and I no longer have carpet. Now it just blows around. You cannot use the '5 second rule' anywhere in our house, no matter how hard I try to get it cleaned up!

Beautiful day today, warmer than normal and blue skies. This is January?