Friday, 24 February 2012

Catching up...

Where is the time disappearing to, my loves?  The days are just flying by so quickly and before I know it, another big chunk of time has passed with no posts from your's truly!  I have administered yet another little slap on the wrist to myself, sweetie~pies, and will try to be a better blogger ;-)

 I have to confess that so many days have elapsed since I took the photo of pretty Miss Camellia above that she has since discarded that particular bloom ~ along with another LOL  She has more buds forming though :-)  She was living on my kitchen windowsill previously but when I had a little change around in the living room I decided to move her and her sister to the windowsill in there instead.  Plants do seem to like living on this particular windowsill, as you may remember from the photo of the jade plant which lives in the corner.  It doesn't get much sun at this time of the year as it faces more or less north, but there is a lot of good bright daylight for the plants to enjoy all year round.

Adrian bought me these lovely alstroemeria a couple of weeks back and they are still looking pretty good.  They certainly make for long-lasting cut flowers!

Ta-daah!  We have a new mirror on the chimney-breast.  After the soot door was fitted we couldn't put back the old mirror as the bottom fixing plate didn't clear the door.  It is now hanging in the hall and the mirror that was out there previously will eventually be put in one of the bedrooms ~ all change LOL

We were a tad silly about this mirror business, though.  I was sitting having a cup of tea the other day,  looking at the new mirror, when it suddenly dawned on me that we could actually have re-hung the old mirror like this, i.e. landscape instead of portrait!  Doh!  The thought just didn't occur to either Adrian or myself at the time.  In the summer I am going to take the old mirror outside and see if I can remove all the paint from the frame, as it appears to be oak like the fire surround.  If I can make a decent job of it we will put it back on the chimney-breast and hang the new mirror in the hall! 

I had to rearrange the mantel-piece again as the new mirror takes up more space than the old one did, leaving less room for ornaments.  We will get the decorating done eventually, sweetie~pies ;-)

Poor Matty was a little bit shivery so I covered him with the doggie blanket.  Greyhounds don't have thick coats and so they feel the cold, although Matty is usually okay in the living room.  It does get pretty draughty down on the floor though.  I have a thin fleece blanket which would be ideal to use to make him a housecoat ~ he really doesn't need one as thick as Nikki's.  If it turns out okay I will share photos ;-)

And talking of Nikki, here she is sharing one of the beds with Matty :-)

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