Friday, 10 February 2012

A Monthly Make for 2012: February

Here it is, my loves, my February Monthly Make for 2012 :-)

Do you remember Beverly's Birthday Blanket and how I told you that when she opened it, Niamh (the little girl she looks after) thought it was for her?  Well since I had plenty of yarn left I set-to and made this mini version of Beverly's blanket for Niamh!  It didn't take long at all as it is so much smaller than the original version; it contains all the colours I used in Beverly's blanket though :-)

And here is a tiny bonus blanket especially for Niamh's little baby dolly :-)

Julia and Florence wanted to try out Niamh's blanket to see how cosy it was.  I have an idea, sweetie~pies, that they would rather like me to make one for them ;-)

And here is little Violet, trying out the tiny blanket.  I don't think that I have introduced you to Violet yet ~ I'm pretty sure that I didn't get round to taking her photograph when she arrived.  She is another Rosebud dolly to add to my little family ~ I have such a soft spot for Rosebuds because my very first baby doll, Jane (who I have had since I was about two years old), is also that make.  I find them very hard to resist LOL 

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