Saturday, 4 February 2012

On the move...

Some of the dollies have found themselves a new comfy home of the sofa ;-)

I think this should be called "Rosebud Corner", sweetie~pies!

Julia and Florence are so happy to have a place on the sofa once more :-)

Poor Florence is still waiting for me to re-string her ~ and she still hasn't had a session in the dolly spa either!

Bunty has the armchair all to herself ~ which pleases her very much indeed.  She just spends the day resting against the cushions, watching the world go by outside the living room window :-)

Not a dolly, I know, my loves ~ but I just couldn't resist taking a photo of my lovely jade plant.  I've had her for many years ~ she had previously been subjected to my Mum's drought-or-flood houseplant-keeping regime, poor thing!  She lives very happily in the corner of the living room windowsill :-)

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