Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

A new weekly feature, my loves: Wednesday Weigh-in ;-)

Time to get serious, methinks, about this weight reduction/fitness increasing lark.  Once again the needle on the scales is creeping ever upwards; I am back to square one and I really don't feel well *sigh* 

Still, I know exactly what needs to be done to rectify this worrying situation.  So I've pulled up my big-girl knickers, had a serious heart-to-heart with myself and even as we speak, my sleeves are rolled up ready to get stuck in to the job in hand.

This week: 22st 7 1/2 lbs (315.5 pounds)


Sharon said...

Sigh... I know I should be eating better (and less) but (here come the excuses) 1. soft food has more calories, 2. I'm too far gone, 3. it's just too hard, I can't breathe.

Guess I better work on that :-)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Well done you! Not only have I fallen off the wagon but I got trapped under the wheels! Sod it, I am back on monday once the Vintage Fair is out of the way! Lots of love Annie xx