Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Say cheese!

Last week, my loves, Adrian, Matty, Nikki and I went along to take part in a little photoshoot!  The GRWE publish a newsletter a couple of times a year and they wanted to do a piece about Nikki for the eastern region :-) 

The photoshoot took place at the Boness Veterinary Hospital in Barton. We met up with Julia Boness, the vet who did the fantastic surgery on Nikki's damaged jaw, and Bentley, one of Nikki's sons, who Julia adopted.

Nikki greeted Bentley with a few growls and after that the poor little boy was a tad wary of his Mum!  He was a little reluctant to stand too close to her for the photos but a little bribe did the trick ;-)

I confess, sweetie~pies, that I have often felt like growling at my son ~ and my daughter, too, come to that ;-)

If you click on the photo above it should show it in a larger scale, and you can see how wonderful Nikki's mouth looks now. 

A closer view of Nikki's beautifully healed mouth.  Compare this photo with those in the post here!

My gorgeous little girlie.

Just look into those eyes and feel your heart melt.....

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Sharon said...

She has such soulful eyes! A real sweetie.