Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

Starting weight: 22st 7.5lbs (315.5 pounds)

This week: 22st 1.5lbs (309.5 pounds)
= no change

Total loss: 6lbs
I have been somewhat remiss with my weigh-in posts, my loves, but I have been rather busy ~ I shall tell you all about it in another post ;-)
Anyhoo, as you can see my weight has stayed the same since I last posted on the 25th April ~ gosh, that's almost a month gone by with no updates!  To tell the truth, I am pleased and pleasantly surprised to find that I have maintained the status quo since I really haven't been thinking about dieting, healthy eating, etc ~ my brain has been far too busy thinking about other things LOL   

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