Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Birthday treats

I had some lovely pressies for my birthday, sweetie~pies, and was also given money ~ so I took myself off into town last week and spent some of it ;-)

I know it's probably regarded as something of an old-fashioned, perhaps even "old lady" scent but Yardley's April Violets is my most favourite perfume in the whole wide world!  I haven't been able to find it for quite some time ~ I think Yardley stopped producing it for some reason ~ but it's back! 

I have to be quite careful about the perfume I choose for myself as so many cause me to start sneezing or produce a headache *sigh*  But I really liked the smell of this Bronnley Lime & Bergamot and ~ touch wood! ~ it's been fine :-)

My neighbour very kindly gave me a lift to the local Sue Ryder charity shop in town so I could deposit all the stuff I have cleared out so far ~ would you believe that I had more than a dozen carrier bags full!!  Adrian and I have carted so much stuff to this shop (it's the first one we come to when walking into town LOL) over the years ~ not all things cleared out by us, I hasten to add ~ that they know us by name in there these days :-)
As Maureen and I were hauling the bags out of the back of her car, I spotted this rather gorgeous embroidered picture in the shop window. I have never tried embroidery myself but I can certainly appreciate the work that has gone into this. Another little something I bought with some of my birthday money :-)

This lovely print was also in the shop window and since I liked it so much, I used some more of my birthday money to buy it as well.

I keep looking at it, thinking I have seen it before ~ it reminds me of something but I just can't quite bring to mind where I have seen it. I keep wondering if it's similar to something painted by Vincent van Gogh but perhaps that is just because of the shades of blue? Oh well, it doesn't really matter to be honest, my loves, does it!

I still have birthday money left ~ I am sure I will find something to spend it on ;-)


Autumn said...

Hi Sharon, I love that picture! It's "La Toilette" by Toulouse Lautrec, sometimes known as "Redhead, Washing" :)
A xx

Sharon said...

Oh thank you so much, sweetie ~ it's good to know who painted it!