Sunday, 10 June 2012

Odds 'n' sods

Just a few odd little photos I haven't yet got round to showing you, sweetie~pies.....

What do you think to my new tote bag then??  Isn't it fabulous!  My dear friend Christine made it for me :-)  The chickens are so much like my Black Rocks ~ Prudence, Abigail and Babs.  I am a very lucky bunny!

I do love the Collared Doves who visit the garden from time-to-time.  This one sat on the fence preening itself for quite some time.

Ludmila and Quinton are my latest Yoborobo plushies ~ I adore Pam's creations and I am building up rather a nice little collection of them ;-)

My beautiful little Nikki ~ oh my goodness, how she does remind me of my precious Amber in this photo!

Matty is such a handsome boy :-)

And here is my little Nikki again ~ having a snooze in the sunshine by the patio door.  This is one of her favourite spots and she is down there now whilst I am typing this post!

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