Monday, 18 June 2012


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The Looking to the Future plan is really bringing home to me just how much stuff I have managed to accumulate in recent years! The 39 books I listed over the weekend (and those I have yet to do) are just the tip of an iceberg of rather massive proportions, my loves.  So far the majority have been craft-type books of one kind or another ~ bearing out the opinion of various family members and friends that I am like the proverbial butterfly, flitting from one thing to another but never staying long in one place!

I really think I should apologise in advance, sweetie~pies, for all this "advertising"!  You see, once I have ploughed my way through the books I shall have other, more general, "stuff" to list ~ various kinds of unused craft items, assorted knick-knacks and even possibly a few items of clothing (some never, others rarely, worn).  I do hope you won't all get too fed up with it all :-)

I guess there are all sorts of reasons why some of us have a tendancy to gather things around us.  Some folk are hoarders of the unfortunate kind seen on recent television programmes...some are pack-rats who like to keep things for that rainy day when they might come in useful...still others like their surroundings to be filled with lots of little bits 'n' bobs...some like just tidgy amount of clutter.  And, of course, there are those who simply can't abide anything extraneous in their surroundings whatsoever!

I rather think that I fall somewhere between the pack-rats and the liking-lots-of-clutter brigade but I also believe that there are deeper reasons for my "stuff"-gathering.  A friend has said to me on many occasions that it is my security blanket and I think she probably has a point.  I guess I have used the accumulating of material things to help blot out aspects of my life I have found difficult to deal with.

Still, the fact that I have been able to actually start to tackle all the things filling my home has shown me how far I have come.  I won't pretend that I have been finding it easy to part with things, my loves, even items that realistically I won't ever get round to using.  On the contrary, there have been moments when I have felt incredibly emotional, overwhelmed and close to tears.  But I have managed to give myself time to acknowledge those feelings and gently encourage myself move onwards once more.

My home will never be a minimalist's dream, sweetie~pies, nor do I want it to be.  I really do still love a lot of the things I have collected over the years ~ and I don't care for the "bare" look in the slightest.  But I suppose one has to know when to draw the line, when enough really should be enough lest we start to teeter on the edge of becoming an out-and-out hoarder :-)   

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JENNIFER said...

Hi Sharon! oh my gosh, I find it hard to part with things to...but then I look at how someone else may be able to use them better than myself and know at least they will go to someone who will cherish or use them, just like I had enjoyed at one time :o) I hope your having a beautiful day! Hugs Jennifer