Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A productive weekend ~ part one...

Adrian was working on Saturday, sweetie~pies, so I spent the day just pootling about indoors but on Sunday we set-to and made a start in the back garden.  This area along the fence turned out to be not as bad as I had feared; it was mostly a case of sorting through the pile of pots and tubs.  The old bin and barrels have got soil in them so once the new border has been made, they can be emptied out and discarded.
We will have to clear all the soil away from the fence, once we have moved the chicken houses, so that Kevin (our lovely builder) can come and replace the panels, etc.  Then we can get the raised border built and start moving shrubs from other parts of the garden into it.  We won't be able to have any more building work done out there this year but hopefully once that border is complete, we will be able to sort out the raised bed near the house. 

This pile of pots and tubs is waiting for my friend to come and take a look to see what she wants.  She said that she knows someone who can make use of whatever she doesn't need, so hopefully they won't need to be thrown away :-)

And this, my loves, is what I am keeping ~ for the time-being, at least. 
Adrian spent a good many hours on Sunday cutting up all the bits and pieces of wood we had accumulated.  Would you believe that he has managed to fill one of those dumpy-bags with it all!  A lot of what he has salvaged is not very thick but will still be good for getting the wood-burner started, at least.

This moth hung out on our patio door (on the inside) for a couple of days or so before flying off.  It didn't move at all during that time, just clung on to the frame having a rest!

I don't know what this butterfly is called but it was certainly very pretty and eye-catching against the green of the fence-post.

As you can see, Nikki and Matty found all the activity just too exhausting for words so they had to have a very long snooze in the warmth of the sun :-)

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