Thursday, 23 August 2012

At least the lean-to is looking good!

I totally forgot to take "before" photos, sweetie~pies, but suffice to say it was an unholy mess in here!

The roof was leaking and during all that torrential rain we had, the water was running down the house walls like Niagra Falls :-0  Kevin, our lovely builder, came to the rescue and replaced all the flashing, painted the garden wall on our neighbour's side with some stinky waterproofing "stuff" and put in a raised floor :-)

Raising the floor has eliminated the need for the second step down which was previously at the back door; we now have a small step down out of the lean-to into the back garden instead.  When Kevin had finished, Adrian and I stained all the woodwork and put down vinyl floor tiles.  Between his dodgy knees and my dodgy back it took a fair bit longer than we were anticipating!  We also hadn't taken into consideration that laying tiles which were not self-adhesive would take longer too. 

Still, the pain, tears and tantrums were all worth it as we are really pleased with the end result :-)

We put in some decent quality, heavy-duty, shelving which came with plastic crates, so we now have good amount of storage space.  We can also now feed the pooches out in the lean-to :-)

So there is now a place for everything and everything is in its place LOL  Well, almost everything ~ there are just got a few more odds and ends to sort out at the far end, as you can see.

You really wouldn't believe the difference this has made, my loves!  It has proved to be so worthwhile spending a bit of money on getting the lean-to it sorted out.  It has become such a handy storage area ~ and of course when we eventually move all the shelving can come with us :-)

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