Friday, 24 August 2012

Identity crisis!

No sweetie~pies, I'm talking about my home not your's truly for a change.  Mind you, having said that I suppose it is true to say that the two are connected...
You see my loves, I follow lots of blogs where the blogger has a truly lovely home ~ which tends to make me feel more than a little inadequate about my own home-sweet-home.  For despite having now lived in this same house for nearly 30 years I have yet to get it looking how I would really like it to.  I guess it's mostly down to that butterfly mind of mine again ~ I've found it really difficult to settle on a particular style for any length of time.  Just as I think that I've cracked it I go and change my mind yet again!  Consequently the house is a mish-mash of different styles and just plain full of stuff ~ as you already know LOL  I rather think it would be pushing things to even try describing it as eclectic ;-)
But as is often the way with me, I have gradually been realising that the homes which speak to my heart the most are those in a pretty, shabby chic style.  And as I glance around my own home, I am struck by how many bits 'n' bobs I have that are pretty...pastels...flowery...vintage.  They are simply being swamped by other things that are much "louder" and more modern.  What a turn-up, my loves ~ I do have a style after all!  A pretty, feminine, shabby chic style which I have obviously been subconsciously  trying to express for quite some time!
In many ways, even though we have lived here for so many years, my home is still a blank canvas waiting for me to bring it to life.  As part of the Looking to the Future plan, Adrian and I will be decorating and making small improvements over the next few years.  Whilst we want to make the house attractive to future prospective buyers we do still have a number of years ahead of us actually living here.  So I think a compromise is the answer, i.e. paint the walls and woodwork in simple neutral shades as we tackle each room in turn ~ and it has to be said that the homes which I find the most appealing do seem to have their "bones" decorated in such a manner.
In the short-term I can gradually dispose of the bits 'n' bobs which do not truly speak to my heart and dress my home with the things that do.  When the time comes closer to us putting the house up for sale, then I shall temporarily pack away the majority of those things which make a home so "personal" to the family which lives there.  It does seem to be the case that rather a lot of folk find it hard to picture themselves living in a home full of other folk's belongings!
  Phew ~ I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's a jolly good job that we have six years or so until Adrian retires ;-)

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