Monday, 13 August 2012

Not just one.....not even two.....

but three tissue-box covers to send to John over at Going Gently for the 40th Trelawnyd Flower Show!  I pulled my finger out, sweetie~pies, and set to with the 'ole hook and yarn from my stash  of leftovers ;-)

The cover above is very monochrome, isn't it my loves, which is rather different to the more colourful ones I have made previously.  I finished it off with the shell edging. 

This one is very pretty ~ all sunshiney and happy.  I like this one a lot!  The wavey edging is sweet, too.

But this is the one I like the very best out of the three ~ it's quite autumnal, I think, with some lovely berry shades thrown into the mix.  I finished this one with a bobble-shell edging.  If I've got enough yarn leftover, I may well try to replicate this cover for myself LOL

How about you, my loves ~ do you like my latest little creations?  Which one is your favourite??

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