Thursday, 13 February 2014

Diary of a Dieter Week 5

Well, I'm afraid that there is nothing to report this week as I didn't attend the slimming group on Wednesday evening.  I just wasn't feeling too brilliant after my trip to the dentist earlier in the day, but must admit that I didn't even eat much yesterday anyway!  I went from breakfast right through to dinner in the evening without eating a single thing ~ I must have been feeling rough LOL

I had a day "off-plan" yesterday too but again I wasn't feeling that hungry.  I think with the left side of my face aching so much, I just couldn't be bothered to be honest.  Still, I'm back on track again today and hoping that there will be a nice loss next week.

I'm going to try to increase my exercise levels as well.  At the moment, all the exercise I get is walking the dogs at night.  I'm going to start taking them out in the morning too, gradually increasing it so that we go out every day and in time walk further as well.  I think walking is going to be my best bet so far as exercise is concerned, for now at least.  Who knows, perhaps eventually I'll be able to run ~ or even join a gym!

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