Thursday, 27 February 2014

Diary of a Dieter Week 7

start weight: 22st 13lbs (321 pounds)
current weight: 22st 7lbs (315 pounds)
total loss to date: 6lbs

Well, I hope you are suitably impressed ~ here I am with my latest dieting diary the day after group ;-)

I was pleased ~ and not a little surprised ~ to have a loss this week, albeit only one pound.  I was convinced that I was going to have a gain as I've had a crappy week really.  My heart just hasn't been in it but obviously I haven't been as "naughty" as I thought!  I think the best thing is for me to just get back to the basics and continue keeping a food diary, rather than just vaguely keeping to the plan.

I know that I am more than capable of shifting ALL this excess weight, after all, some years ago I lost five stone.  It's not even as if I'm really craving "naughty" things ~ and if I do have any cravings, I can simply add them into my Syns anyway!  No, I just need to get myself back into the right mind-set and believe that taking time to look after my health is worthwhile ~ that I am worth looking after.

Let's see what this coming week brings...

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