Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Having a blue day

Young Breton Woman by Paul Gauguin

Well, to be more accurate, having a few blue days to be honest.  My mouth is still sore following my trip to the dentist last Wednesday and just to round off my week, a period came along on Saturday *sigh*  Granted, now that I am in the throes of the menopause I don't get a period every month (it's actually more like every three or four months) but when one does turn up it's all very horrible ~ I won't go into the gory details but I'm sure you know what I mean ~ and leaves me feeling drained of energy!  This time around I've felt so very low as well, but I rather think the dental issues have probably made things worse than they might otherwise have been.  Oh the joys of being a middle-aged woman, eh!

Mind you, I get the impression that a lot of folk are feeling sad and unhappy at the moment.  I guess it's a symptom of the winter blues, all of this relentless rain and grey skies.  And for those who have been flooded, it must be absolutely awful.  At least we haven't had that problem where I live, so I am thankful for that.  It's wet again today, though, with a heavy grey sky but the sun does keep trying to break through from time-to-time.

Perhaps I will go and have a browse on the plant websites and immerse myself in the glorious blooms they always show temptingly ~ and dream that spring is just around the corner... 

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