Saturday, 7 June 2014

A surfeit of celebrations!

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Do you have months in your family where lots of celebrations seem to be clustered?  In our family we have two such months, June and August!

June starts off on the 2nd with a dear friend's birthday, then the 6th is my birthday (I turned 53 yesterday!).  Tomorrow is our niece's 23rd birthday ~ Happy Birthday Michaela, hope you have a lovely day sweetie :-)  My sister-in-law will be 60 on the 17th ~ Happy Birthday for next week Elaine!  Then we finally have two sweet little family friends, sisters Freya and Niamh, who will be turning one and five on the 14th and 20th.  Oh yes, and Father's Day falls in June too ~ like I say, it's a busy month!

July is very quiet but the madness starts again come August LOL  My father-in-law, who passed away some years ago, was born on the 1st.  The 3rd is my parents' wedding anniversary ~ they will have been married for 55 years this year, their emerald anniversary.  Then my Dad will be 78 years old on the 6th.  My Mum's birthday is on the 25th, when she will be 76.  Then we finally come to the 31st when Adrian and I will be celebrating our 30th, pearl, wedding anniversary!

Just three days later, on the 3rd September, it will be mother-in-law's 91st birthday then thankfully it all slows down again, with just the odd birthday popping up here and there, until we roll round to Christmas ~ better start getting organised for that soon, methinks!   

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