Saturday, 21 June 2014

At last.....

...Hazel has some clothes!  I had a hankering to do a spot of miniature knitting, so thought it was an ideal opportunity to give the poor girl some clothes to cover her modesty ;-)

The shawl was simply a garter stitch rectangle, using 3.5mm needles and 2-ply yarn.  I thought the colour would co-ordinate nicely with the outfit I knitted.

I knitted the skirt first, following a pattern in Helen Cox's first miniature knitting book.  Even for me as a somewhat inexperienced knitter (especially in 1/12th scale!) it was a pretty easy pattern to follow.  The nice thing is that the patterns are designed to use 2mm needles and 2-ply yarn, which thankfully does make knitting them less tricky!  The only "problem" was that it came out a little too large for Hazel.  Helen's patterns are all designed to fit the Heidi Ott dolls, which are a tad more well-built than my little people are.  I think next time I will try using 1.8mm needles and see if I get a better fit.  I did remember to cast on using smaller (I used 1.5mm) needles, though, and I'm really pleased with how much neater the cast-on edge looks.  

I cobbled the sweater together myself, using a Barbie pattern as a starting off point.  I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out, although if it hadn't have had a boat-shaped neckline I wouldn't have been able to get it on Hazel LOL  I used 1.8mm needles for the sweater but on reflection, perhaps 2mm might have given me a bit more leeway with the fitting.

Hazel is very pleased with her new outfit but I think she is right when she says that she really thinks she needs some undies!

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