Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Oh no, needles!

Actually, to be fair, my acupuncture treatment this time wasn't really painful nor even that uncomfortable.  Sometimes, if I've been overdoing things, my sessions can really make me wince!  I have got to the stage now where I go for a treatment every 10-12 weeks.  And despite what some people say about the lack of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of acupuncture, I personally have found it of great benefit.

A number of years back (haha!) I had a prolapsed disc and my word, it was quite the most painful experience I have ever gone through!  Unfortunately I ended up being taken to hospital one evening when I just totally seized up and couldn't move.  In the end I spent two and a half weeks in there being "treated aggresively" with various strong painkilling medications and it was a long, slow road to recovery once I was allowed home again.  Touch wood, things are so much better these days although I do still have to be sensible about what I do ~ well, I try to be sensible!  The acupuncture sessions definitely help keep my back on track, as it were, and to be honest I have found them to be of more benefit than the physiotherapy I had for a while.

It seems to me that once one has damaged one's back in some way it is never quite the same again.  We take our backs so much for granted, don't we?  It's only when we hurt it in some way that we realise just how, literally, central it is to every movement we make so let's take good care of our precious backs!

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