Monday, 1 September 2014

Some recent makes

I crocheted this bag for my daughter, using two strands of yarn and either a 5.5mm or 6mm hook ~ unfortunately I can't remember now!

I've got an idea in my head to make a bag for myself at some point, trying out free-form crochet.  Actually, to be honest I've got rather a lot of ideas swirling about in my head for future projects which I will share with you as I get round to making them LOL 

I also made Beverly a bedside rug, which I am very pleased with indeed ~ I think it looks rather like a rag rug :-)  This was made using six strands of yarn with a 10 mm hook.  It was easy enough to make, just a simple rectangle of half-treble crochet, but I must admit that it was a bit hard on my hands at times.  Still, I liked it enough to start making one for myself, a hexagon for our kitchen floor.  I'm still working on that one ;-)

This photo show the back of Beverly's rug.  You can see how many yarn oddments I used up!

I've also been making more crocheted dishcloths, this time for my mother-in-law.

And finally, here is a little knitted dolls' house-size blanked.  I made this from varigated sock yarn and I think it would be good for a little boy's bedroom.  As you can no doubt tell from the photo, knitting isn't my strong point but I do like to have a go from time-to-time.  Crochet will always be my first love, though :-)

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