Saturday, 4 October 2014

Catching up....

Women Talking in the Street, London

Well, my lovlies, I've certainly been MIA for quite some time eh!  I don't know why, really, but I've just been finding it difficult to work up enthusiasm for anything much to be honest over these past few month.  I guess part of my reluctance to blog is the feeling that I haven't done anything that anyone would find in the least bit interesting.

But that shouldn't mean that I simply stop posting.  Perhaps I just need to stop worrying about what other folk will find "interesting" and simply share what I have been doing ~ more like keeping a journal I think.  To be fair, I'm never going to be a blogger who does amazing things to share with you, so I am going to stop trying to compare my life with that of some of those other folk whose blogs I so enjoy reading.  I am a very ordinary, middle-aged, woman, leading a very ordinary life, doing very ordinary things ~ but hey, perhaps there will be someone out there who will enjoy reading about it anyway LOL

So I promise to put in a much more regular appearance from now on :-)  

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