Thursday, 27 November 2014

Here I am again.....

Medical Illustration Showing Inflammation
in Human Back Area

...back on co-codamol "sigh"

I have been having pain in my left leg for a few weeks now and when I saw my GP, she confirmed that it was sciatica as I had suspected.  She prescribed naproxen, an anti-inflammatory, and said to come back if it wasn't helping.  I thought things were starting to ease but decided to book a telephone appointment to ask for a further prescription as my leg was still pretty painful, even though the back pain wasn't so bad.

By the end of last week, though, the pain in my back had returned and the pain in my leg (like the most excruciating pins and needles you can imagine) was as bad as ever.  So, I went to back to my GP surgery and saw another doctor ~ who only looked about 18!  I guess I must be getting old LOL  Anyhoo, she was very good and examined my back/leg and confirmed, once again, that it was still sciatica.  Because of the pain she decided to try me on a low dose of co-codamol since the paracetamols I've been taking haven't really helped.  She is also writing to the hospital to request a new MRI scan.  I had one when I was hospitalised with a prolapsed disc five or six years ago, but the pain was all down the right-hand side then.

I've only been taking the co-codamol since Tuesday evening and so far the pain is still just as bad.  I'm hoping that things will improve soon as I don't really want to have to start taking higher doses of medication.  The worst of it, in some ways, is the lack of sleep.  I'm in pain and just can't seem to find a comfortable position to sleep in.  This morning I got up at 3.30am and went downstairs to sit with the dogs for a while!  I have managed to have a nap this afternoon, thank goodness; I guess I'll just have to grit my teeth and rearrange my sleeping habits for a while!

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