Friday, 26 June 2015

Nikki is home

Here's my brave little poochie, home again after her leg op.  Dad and I picked her up late this afternoon ~ she was really pleased to leave and would have jumped into Dad's car given half a chance!

She made herself at home in the little duvet nest I made under the dining table, and will be confined to a small part of the dining room for the next six weeks.  She can only go outside for a wee, on a lead, and mustn't run or jump.  She's been really sleepy as she was given a sedative earlier to have the bandage changed.  She wasn't interested in any food but I'm sure she will be eating again soon.  She was quite happy to have her Tramadol tablet wrapped up in a piece of corned beef, though LOL  She's had a good drink and a wee, so I'm satisfied with that.

We have to take her back again next Wednesday, when she will be sedated so that the bandage can be changed again.  The sutures will need to come out in 10-14 days (we can take her to our own vet for that), then it's back to Davies in six weeks for x-rays to see how things are progressing.

It's good to have my precious little Nikki home :-)  

Meanwhile, Matty has been very confused these past few days ~ pretty much his usual state of mind, though, really ;-)  My friend Olive came to dog-sit whilst I went to collect Nikki, as I couldn't risk the big-lump-of-a-dog that Matty is treading on her leg in the back of Dad's car!    

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