Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Close to nature...

I was doing the washing-up a few days ago when I spotted a bird on our neighbour's fence.  From the kitchen I couldn't make out what it was so decided to abandon the dishes and investigate LOL

The patio door was already open and I was able to gradually make my way further and further down the garden, thus getting closer to the birdie.  I was taking photos every few steps as I didn't know how close I would be able to get before it decided to fly off.  It was keeping an eye on my progress but I was able to get almost to our garden gate before it flew away :-)  

It looks like a young blackbird to me but I confess that I am no expert!  Quite a few of the blackbirds that we see around here have these white markings on their feathers ~ I've always assumed that they are related to each other.

I took this photo of a very sleepy Matty yesterday, toasting his back-end in the sunshine :-)  He seems to have accepted that Nikki is no longer with us but has now become somewhat of a "shadow", following me around the house and garden.  Her presence was obviously more reassuring to him than we realised.....

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