Friday, 21 August 2015

More deep-cleaning.... the kitchen, this time!  As with the bathroom, I was too embarrassed to take "before" photos and confess that these photos have been rather strategically taken ;-)  I am really out of practice with taking photos, so you will have to excuse the rather poor quality I'm afraid!  There is still rather a lot of deep-cleaning to do but I have made a good start.

Like the bathroom, our kitchen is also not very large at all but it still seemed to take a long while to do the relatively small amount of cleaning that I've tackled so far.  I suppose it's a combination of not having been properly cleaned for a long while and the limitations my back places upon me.  Still, I will get through it all eventually :-)

I could see that the window was grubby but even so I was still rather taken aback at how much clearer the view is now that it's been cleaned.  I did struggle somewhat with reaching the top of the window but managed to do it.  I have ordered a tension rod to hang some pretty cafe-curtain style net ~ I'll take a photo when I have put it up.  Although the windowsill is pretty full it doesn't look "crowded" now like it did previously. 

This is the only working area I have really ~ you can't see in this photo, but the worktop goes all the way to the window.  I don't have much drawer space, which is why our cutlery lives in this wooden holder which used to live beside the hob.  I previously kept my KitchenAid mixer on the above worktop, but whilst I was cleaning it dawned on me that it made more sense to swap them over.  The brown dish used to belong to my Grandma ~ she kept sugar in it :-)

The pile of stuff you can see through the hatch is waiting for me to sort through it!  We can't use the dining room at the moment because it is full of everything I took out of my craft shed when I decided that I needed to downsize it all, so at the moment we have our meals on trays on our laps.

This shelf is above the doorway into the hall.  I used to keep cookery books on it, but in the end decided that a small steamy kitchen probably wasn't the best home for them!  Besides, I have far too many books to fit on that one shelf so thought that they may as well all live together in one place.  It does make a nice place for a little chicken-themed vignette, though ~ you may have already noticed the chicken theme going on in the kitchen LOL

Believe it or not, I worked on this little bout of deep-cleaning over two days, taking rests, although that did also include the fridge and washing machine.  I was sensible for a change and listened to what my body was telling me ;-)  I will get it all thoroughly cleaned over time but for now I am really pleased with what I have managed to get done :-)

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