Monday, 10 August 2015

The delights of deep-cleaning!

Yes ~ really!

I confess that I was way too embarrassed to take "before" photos of our bathroom but suffice to say it was pretty grubby in there, and I am rather ashamed to admit that it had been for quite some time.  But friends we hadn't seen for a long while were coming over yesterday and I really didn't want them to see the bathroom in such a state.

So Adrian helped me to deep-clean on Saturday and although (as you can see) it is only a very small bathroom, it took us quite some time to get through it.  I did the higher areas of the walls as I am taller than Adrian, and he did the lower parts so that I didn't have to bend so much.  I was then able to finish the rest of the cleaning myself.  It was tiring, to be honest, but now that it has been deep-cleaned I will be able to keep on top of it so it won't be such a hard chore in future :-)

It was really difficult to take photos of the room, and I have had to do a fair bit of adjusting on PicMonkey, but the walls still look creamy-yellow!  They are actually magnolia, much truer to life in the photo below.  As you can see, there is a bit of a coast/beach theme going on :-)

We still haven't got round to having cushionfloor laid but hopefully we will get it done before too much longer.  The big hook above the window is where my lovely spider plant usually hangs.  I took it down when I did the cleaning and it is waiting to be repotted before I put it back.  It really seems to like growing in front of the window and has grown quite large.

I love going in the bathroom now, it makes me smile each time I walk through the door.  Everything is so clean and shiny, and it smells gorgeous as I've got lemon verbena oil in the reed diffuser, and also sprinkled on cottonwool in some of the little ornaments and shells.

It is quite amazing what one can achieve when long-time-no-see friends are due to visit!  

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