Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The gang's all here!

I suppose it would be fair to say that the following photos may not be everyone's cup of tea LOL  I know that some of my family and friends find dolls, large or small, somewhat creepy and I fully expect them to find my latest haul extremely so ;-)  Neverless, I am very pleased indeed with the new additions to Groatie Bay ~ especially since all 22 of them only cost me the princely sum of £15.94 including postage!

The seller didn't offer any "history" to the dolls, and simply described them as in good condition (!) but unfinished.

They are all going to require a fair amount of "surgery".  In fact, I may well take each one completely apart and rebuild them from scratch.

I can imagine that some of you are wondering why I didn't just buy complete kits, or even ready made dolls, since some of these little folk are most definitely going to need limbs.

To tell the truth, I bought them because of their unusual faces.  They are so different to the porcelain dolls I already have!  These little Peedikins have such characterful faces, don't you think?

I'm pretty sure that at least some of them are home-made from something like Fimo.  I don't know for sure, because I have never dabbled with Fimo, but they don't all appear to be porcelain like most of my other dolls. Whatever material they are made from, I really like them ~ but I don't care for the way their bodies have been made at all!  So, as I have said, methinks it will be a case of completely dismantling each one and building again from scratch. 

I recently came across a tutorial showing how to needle felt a body onto a wire "skeleton" and I have to say that the idea really appeals to me.  I'm sorry but although I copied-and-pasted the tutorial onto my computer, I didn't keep a note of where I found it in the first place.  All I can tell you is that I think the site may have been Russian!  I have tried to find it again, but so far with no success.  The translation is a teensy wee bit odd in parts so if I am successful in following the instructions, I will show you how I did it.  I know that I won't be able to model hands and feet so I will be buying them, most likely from either Recollect Dolls Hospital or World of My Own.

I have got an awful lot of little Peediekins stashed away now ~ quite enough to fill several houses and shops!  I think I had better try to resist temptation for a while and get on with making the little folk somewhere to live ;-)   

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