Saturday, 19 September 2015

Going up in the world...

Do you remember this shop that I purchased recently?  If you recall, I was pondering on the possibility of adding a second storey ~ after all, with that lovely flat roof it would surely be rude not to, eh ;-)  So I had a few jaunts around the internet, in search of a suitable kit to make for the first floor, and came across The Dolls House Emporium's Summer House Kit.  It's size was ideal for the flat roof of the original shop, as was the position of the doors.  And guess what my loves?  Oh yes indeedy, I already had said kit languishing in my craft shed, patiently waiting (for rather a long while, if I am honest) to be made up!

I intend to do some kit-bashing to the summer house but haven't quite decided how to tackle it yet.  I will take photos, though, to share with you as work progresses.  I'm very excited about this project, not least because it will be making use of a kit I already had stashed away.  Plus there is an added bonus of two different shops in one "footprint" :-)

As for what the shops will eventually be, well, I think I will most likely go with my original idea of a combined bakery and "artisan" chocolate/sweetie shop on the ground floor.  As for the shop upstairs, I rather like the idea of another combination ~ I am considering a handmade knitwear and yarn shop.  Mind you I haven't got started on the building yet, so who knows, I may well change my mind over the coming weeks!

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