Wednesday, 2 September 2015

I bought a shop...

...a 1/12th scale shop, naturally ;-)

You are probably wondering why I have bought another shop when I haven't even started work on the Galleria yet, but the simple truth is that I was just really taken with it and thought it was a decent price.  Also, I thought it might be good to start my new career in "kit-bashing" on a somewhat smaller project than the Galleria!

I haven't definitely decided yet what the shop will sell nor who the proprieter will be but I have lots of ideas swirling around in my head.  The flat roof is just asking to be used as well.  I did think that I could have a mini garden centre up there but have decided against it ~ too much scope for little things to get knocked off and lost, not to mention the fiddly dusting to be done on a regular basis!  Instead, I'm considering adding a second storey shop, accessed via stairs at the side of the the ground floor.

At the moment, I am leaning towards a combined bakery and "artisan" chocolate/sweetie shop on the ground floor, and I rather like the idea of a ladies hat/accessories shop upstairs.  Of course, I may well change my mind once I get started but I will share photos of my progress as the project goes along :-)  

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