Monday, 19 October 2015

Dieting Diary

start date: 21st September 2015
start weight: 23st 11.5lbs (333.5 pounds)
current weight: 23st 7.25lbs (329.25 pounds)
total loss to date: 4.25lbs
1st interim goal: 21st 7lbs (301 pounds)
date achieved: 

I haven't posted in my dieting diary since 29th September, so thought I'd better bring you up-to-date.  As you can see, I have put on 3/4 lb *sigh*

To be honest I have been struggling these past couple of weeks ~ well, I guess that would be rather an obvious statement!  I've found it difficult to concentrate on following the Slimming World plan because my back has been so painful, which in turn makes me feel rather low.  I had to admit defeat a couple of weeks ago and start taking the codeine medication again, which was a tad demoralising.  I have a lifelong habit of "medicating" myself with food when I feel depressed or unwell, something which is extremely difficult to stop doing.

Still, my back feels a little better again at the moment so I must press on with the eating plan once more ~ best make hay whilst the sun shines, eh!

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