Tuesday, 29 December 2015

So many blankets...

well, it made me chuckle anyway!

...and none of them finished, my loves!

I was full of good intentions to make three Spice of Life blankets to give as Christmas gifts but with all that's been going on, that idea sadly bit the dust.  I also got started on a large crocheted blanket for mother-in-law's bed, which has taken quite some time to work through.  Still, I am definitely on the home stretch with it now, so once it is completely finished I am going to return to the Spice of Life blankets ~ I'm thinking I can put them aside when they are done, ready for Christmas 2016 ;-)

You may remember the A Make-a-Month 2016 post I did back in November.  Well, I am still going ahead with the project as it will give me something definite to focus on throughout the year.  My butterfly mind gets itself tangled up in knots, and side-tracked by this new idea and that new idea ~ consequently, nothing gets finished and often I don't even get started on anything!  I think the project will also tie-in nicely with my simple goals for the coming year, not to mention getting my creative mojo up and running once more.  The three Spice of Life blankets are long-term, pick-up-and-put-down projects, whereas the Make-a-Month will be smaller, quicker things to make.

I haven't got any further with the Spice of Life blankets than they were in this post, where I told you that I didn't have the heart to frog blankets one and two.  Well, the more I think about those blankets and the more I look at them, the more I think that I really will have to gird my loins and frog the pair of them!  I know that I won't be happy with the end result if I carry on, even if I switch to a larger hook for the remaining patterned sections.  Actually, they may well look even worse if I do that!  I should have MIL's bed cover finished shortly, then it will be on with frogging blanket number one and deciding what January's Make-a-Month project will be :-) 

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