Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Make-a-Month 2016: February and March

I know that I am rather late in posting the makes for February and March, but better late than never, eh!

Back in February I decided that I needed some new dishcloths, so it was handy that I still had some cotton yarn in my stash ;-)  I really like crocheted dishcloths ~ they are hardwearing and easy to throw into the washing machine on a regular basis, plus they look so much nicer than shop-bought ones :-)  

My make for March was another finishing-off of a WIP started ages ago.  Like the bedside rug I made for Beverly a couple of years back, this was also made using six strands of yarn and a 10mm hook.  And it too was pretty hard on my hand!  I really don't think it is anywhere near as nice as Beverly's rug but it is fine for our kitchen.  Hopefully it will make standing on the quarry tile floor a tad more comfortable!

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