Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Jack Frost and chit-chat

Our neighbour parks his car on our drive and when I opened our bedroom curtains yesterday, this was the sight that greeted me ~ isn't nature amazing!  I don't suppose it lasted for too long once Tony had driven to work but it was lovely to see.

So, what exciting things have I been up to recently?  Well, truth be told, nothing exciting at all I'm afraid ~ I'm a middle-aged housewife who doesn't lead an exciting life in the slightest LOL  Still, on the whole I enjoy living in my little mundane world ~ most of the time, anyway!

I've had three trips to the dentist over the past few weeks.  The first was for a somewhat overdue check-up (the rotten chest infection I had earlier this year delayed things!), X-rays, etc, and to prepare one of my teeth for a crown.  The second was to have said crown fitted and part with a small fortune for the privilege!  The final visit last week was for three fillings ~ yes, three of the dratted things *sigh*  Still, I shouldn't really complain since the fillings were all more than 20 years old.  Hopefully I won't need to have anything done when my next check-up rolls around.

Yesterday was another medical appointment day, this time for a routine mammogram.  It's hard to believe that it's three years since the last one, time goes so quickly.  I felt decidedly "nekid" when I left the house ~ no deodorant, no talcum powder, no perfume!  Thankfully the equipment used these days isn't as painful as it used to be ~ the "squishing" doesn't seem to be so forceful!  It's just a tad uncomfortable really ~ well, that's been my experience over the last few appointments, thankfully.

A really nice thing that's happened is that I have made a lovely new friend :-)  Kailah and I met in somewhat unusual circumstances, I guess, since she was the Celebrant who took the service for mother-in-law's funeral.  We met again when she brought round the booklets she makes of the ceremony and chatted for ages.  We discovered that we have a lot in common, not least a love of lots of the same crafts.  We are both self-taught crafters as well LOL  We had a lovely afternoon last week when we were going to do some crocheting together, but instead spent the whole time chatting away as if we have known each other for years!  Kailah is a really super lady and I am really happy that we have met.  I'm looking forward to lots more chatting (although we already chat on Facebook LOL) and crafting afternoons :-)

Next week our handy-dandy handyman, Steve, is coming to replace the final two fence panels in the back garden, along with a couple of other little jobs.  Then it will be back to more staining and moving Martha's house/run.  We will then have more space to set out some garden chairs ~ of course, we will need some warmer weather to actually make use of them!

Amazingly, the chickens are laying eggs again this year, albeit not every day.  I think it's pretty good actually, since Abigail and Babs (the Black Rocks) were nine in January, and Martha (the Dominique bantam) was eight.  We had some eggs from them last year but I really didn't expect to see any this year.  I can only assume that they are happy and healthy :-)

I'm still sorting and clearing things out ~ numerous trips to the charity shop have been made already this year!  Adrian and I have also made a start on tidying the loft ~ gosh, what a lot of empty cardboard boxes we had up there!  We've had another load of rubbish taken away (not just from the loft, a lot of it was from the garden too) and stuff has been put out on the drive with a "free, help yourself" sign, which was all taken by passers-by.  We haven't finished in the loft but there isn't too much left to sort through now.  Hopefully we will get it done this coming weekend, so I'm hoping the weather warms up a little!

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