Friday, 1 April 2016

Recent garden photos...

We are slowly making progress in the garden.  I can actually use my rotary-dryer for my washing again!  The yellow bag in the photo above was covering bags of leftover wood (things such as old fence posts, etc) that Adrian chopped up for the wood-burner.  We've made good use of the wood in the burner and what was left is now in the log-store, so that's a little more clearing up done.  The plastic bags just visible behind the raised bed were full of excess soil, and they have all been taken away now too :-) 

We've got the "utility area" all neat and tidy ~ how different this part of the garden now looks!  The log-store is pretty full now that Adrian has been able to move the bags of wood that were under the yellow dumpy bag.  The red bin is full of pebbles, with some cobbles in the enamel bowl ~ they will come in handy in due course, I'm sure!  I still have lots of staining to do but hopefully it will all be finished by the end of this year.  

I have plenty of tidying up and weeding to do in all the borders, beds and pots, as you can see!

These daffodils are so pretty, but I thing it might have been better to have planted them in a larger pot as they have proved to be a tad unstable!  When they have finished flowering I will find a suitable spot for them in the garden borders.

These scilla are so pretty, such a beautiful shade of blue.  They, too, will be planted in the garden once they have finished flowering.

I was so happy to see the primroses coming through again ~ they are such "happy" little plants, don't you think?

And just look at the cowslips, aren't they lovely too!

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