Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Pleasure and pain!

I had an appointment yesterday with the lovely Debs at the Amore Salon in town.  I've been going there for a few years now, both for facial treatments and hair styling.  I met Debs years ago, when our children were all at the same primary school together, and I am really pleased for her and her daughter Yasmin that the salon has been such a success :-)

I go to Debs for waxing ~ eyebrows and the dreaded lady-moustache *eeeeek*  The few seconds of pain are well worth it, not least because I much prefer not to have more facial hair than my husband and son ;-)

 I also treated myself to a facial this time ~ oooooh, I love Debs' facial treatments!  It's so relaxing lying there being pampered and the smell of the Neal's Yard products is heavenly.  The couch is fab too, by the way, as Debs has added a memory foam topper and heating pad ~ it felt wonderful beneath my poor aching back today!

Some time ago I decided to be brave and have a pedicure at Amore.  I always feel rather self-conscious about my feet as they are not the prettiest of tootsies.  I keep promising myself to go again but haven't got round to it yet.  It too turned out to be a great treatment and my feet felt lovely afterwards ~ I couldn't believe how soft they were!  We take our feet for granted, don't we, my loves?  They deserve to be looked after just as much as anywhere else on our body, especially taking into account all the hard work they do carrying us around all day!  Methinks it may be time for treating my feet to a spot of pampering too.....  

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