Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Another week in the garden

Things are moving along nicely ~ 'tis a shame that the weeds are growing just as well as the plants though LOL 

 The creeping jenny and sweet woodruff are starting to fill out in this pot now.  I'm sure it won't be long before no soil is visible!

Considering it's confined to a pot, the rhubarb is doing well too.

This gentiana is actually a deeper shade of blue than it appears in the photo.  It is very pretty.

I don't have many yellow flowers in the garden, they seem to be mostly blues, purples and pinks for some reason!  This hypericum gives a lovely splash of sunny colour.

This little campanula lives next to the hypericum.  When I first opened up the parcel, I was surprised at the scent coming from it although it isn't really noticeable now it's been in the garden a few days.

I hadn't managed to get the "shade" container planted up when I took these photos as I was waiting for more compost to arrive.  I've got it now so will be getting the fern, liriope muscari and pulmonaria out of their pots and into their new home soon.

Another photo of the "neglected fern" LOL  It is really enjoying it's new spot in the garden :-)

The geraniums are filling out nicely and the little houseleek offshoots are settled in their pots.

This lovely grass is festuca glauca "Elijah Blue".  I bought one plant and was able to split it into two, which I was very pleased about.

Just a few plants left to put in the garden now.  I am going to put alpines in this planter in due course.

Do you like my new bench?  I think it is absolutely lovely!  It's made in Indonesia by local craftspeople, using teak reclaimed from items such as old ox carts.  I bought a seat cushion to go with it but it's comfortable even without it.

I moved the bay tree from beside the blue shed.  I think it will be okay here as the bench will offer some shelter for it.  The festuca is the other half to the plant further up the page.

The planting in this raised bed is done now I think, although I may add some ground-hugging plants.  I will put in some miniature spring bulbs in the autumn.

This raised bed is finished now, too.  Again, I will add some ground cover and spring bulbs.

The chairs were over where my lovely new bench now stands; we have another seating area now :-)  Please excuse the dirty marks on the chairs ~ it's bits and pieces that come off the shed roof when it rains!

And to finish off, a quick trip indoors to show you the lovely flowers I had for my birthday on the 6th June ~ the carnations were from hubby and the gerberas from my daughter :-)


Sharon said...

Beautiful, beautiful! It already looks great, in a month it will take over your senses. I absolutely love your gardens and plantings. I am so jealous. You have worked so hard on this with such glorious results!

SharonLarkin said...

awww, thank you so much Sharon! It's only a small back garden but is plenty for me to manage these days :-)