Sunday, 21 August 2016

It's been a while....

....I know, since I last posted a "proper" post ~ please accept my apologies!

I've found myself in a weird kind of limbo for a few months now ~ since a little before my birthday, actually, back in June.  I've felt quite strange, to be honest, as if my journey through life has changed course all by itself with no conscious input from me!  It has sort of crept up on me and presented itself as a fait I say, somewhat weird and strange.

I am feeling the need to change quite a few aspects of my life.  Not in huge ways, it's more a case of lots of little changes which I suppose will come together in time and show me the new path I am to travel.

One of those changes is my blog.  This will be the last post on Lavender and Pearls, although not a goodbye to the blogging world.  I have set up a new blog, Tabi's Butterfly Mind , which I hope you may like to visit from time-to-time.....hopefully I will see you over there :-) 


Sharon said...

Um, I am not on google+, but I've tagged the new blog on my list. I tried to follow, it wants to put me on Mauds ... I haven't been mauds for literally years, haha. Good luck with the new blog! See you there!

SharonLarkin said...

Thank you so much Sharon for being such a nice "commentator" ~ see you at the new blog!