Sunday, 11 September 2011

Life moves on...

image from The Graphics Fairy
Some of you may already know that my lovely friend Sandi (Nostalgia Fairy Cottage) has recently lost her two gorgeous cats Flossie and Clarence.  She has no idea what has happened to them, they have just vanished; the most likely explanation is that some selfish, unthinking person has taken a liking to them and simply stolen them.  Probably yet another example of "I want, so I will take" ~ even though little Flossie and Clarence already belonged in a loving family. 

Naturally enough, this has been a very difficult and stressful time for Sandi and her family.  The loss of anyone ~ human or otherwise ~ is always heartbreaking.  Sandi published this post yesterday and it got me thinking about life, loss and lessons learned.  

The nature of life is such that it constantly moves forward whether we think we are ready or not; there is nothing we can do to stop its relentless march.  It is a cliche, I know, but time is indeed a great healer.  We grieve and mourn our losses but eventually, from the deep dark depths of our despair, we begin to see little glimmerings of the light that is still there.  Another cliche: what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  How I have hated that saying at some points in my life!  But it is true nevertheless.  Unless we are very lucky, we all have a moment ~ or moments ~ when we truly believe that we cannot survive the pain, be it mental, physical or emotional.

To quote Sandi: "I looked up at the beautiful sky and instead of wondering for the umpteenth time, why me, I understood that when everything seems to be falling apart at the seams something new can emerge from the damaged fabric. Lessons are learned, we are jolted out of our complacency and we appreciate what we do have."


Sandi said...

Oh sweet girl,
I have just read this and have tears in my eyes. Not tears of self pity but tears of appreciation that you mentioned my loss and even quoted my words. Thank you so much x

Sharon said...