Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New beginnings of this 'n' that

What do you think to this pile of scrummy goodness then, my loves?  Those colourful yarns are now a new crochet WIP for my daughter who asked for a "blankie" for her 21st birthday, which is at the end of January.  I am under strict instructions that it must also have a label on it to commemorate said momentous event LOL  I asked my son (Sam and Beverly are twins, in case you had forgotten) if he would like a blankie too but he very diplomatically declined my kind offer ;-) 

I am still working on the giant granny square and really must get it finished soon as it is to be a Christmas gift!

image from FreeDigitalPhotos

Another new beginning: I have joined a gym!  Yes, sweetie~pies, you did indeed read that correctly: your's truly has JOINED A GYM!!  To be totally honest I haven't really exercised, other than walking, to any great degree since I left school.  I never dreamt that I would see the day that I would step over the threshold of such a place but it's true, I have JOINED A GYM ;-)  I did my first "proper" session today and at the end I was hot and sweaty and, frankly, pooped but boy did I feel good inside.  On the walk back home, I just couldn't stop myself from smiling.  Who would've believed that I would join a gym and actually be smiling after a work-out!
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And finally, my loves, the best new beginning of all: Adrian and I have decided to adopt another greyhound.  Well, to be more accurate we are going to adopt two of the little beauties :-)

We completed the online form on the Greyhound Rescue West of England (don't let the name fool you ~ they rehome sighthounds all over the country) website on Saturday and on Sunday we had a phone call asking if we would like to be home-checked.  Naturally, the answer was yes and that evening I had another phone call from the local "home-checker" who asked if she could come over the next morning.  Again, the answer was yes and we were home-checked on Monday. 

Monday evening there was yet another phone call to say that we had passed the home-check ~ and would we like to meet a dog who was currently in foster care locally!  Adrian was unable to take time off work this week but I met the lovely greyhound yesterday ~ and fell totally in love :-)  He is a gorgeous little boy ~ well, I say "little" but of course he is a greyhound so isn't exactly tiny!  However, he is pretty small for a boy and I really don't think he is even as big as my beloved Amber was.  Anyhoo, Adrian is meeting him at the weekend and I'm hoping that he likes him as much as I do.  Hopefully we will also be meeting a girl greyhound who may be ideal to make up the other half of the pair :-)

Naturally, sweetie~pies, I will keep you informed of all the doggy developments ;-) 

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Sharon said...

Oh dear, you better get that hook a clacking to finish by the end of January! Marvelous colors!!!

Think I am beyond a gym - good luck and enjoy all the endorphins!

It sounds very exciting about the greyhounds, I hear that they make lovely pets!