Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

This week: 22st 5lbs (313 pounds)
= -3/4 lbs
Total Loss: 2.5 lbs

At least it is a loss, not a gain, I suppose! 

Talking-the-talk is all very well but it's so flippin hard to actually walk-the-walk, my loves *sigh* 

I think this week's report card would say "Sharon is capable of so much more if only she would actually try".  Although I am very disappointed with myself, sweetie~pies, I have at least returned to the gym.  There is really nothing more I can say, no excuses to make ~ hey ho, onwards and upwards... 


Sharon said...

Beats better than nothing!

How long at 3/4 # a week, will it take to meet your goal?

Tell you what - I'd take it, I just stay consistently the same - overweight. :(

Susan said...

I agree wit Sharon, beats better than nothing! (we're encouraging you to keep on, we know you can do it!!)

Sharon said...

Thank you for your encouragement, sweeties (((hugs)))