Thursday, 30 January 2014

Diary of a Dieter Week 3

Well, it was my first weigh-in last night and it wasn't good news; I had gained one pound.  Even though I was half expecting the gain to be more, I was (still am, actually) very disappointed.

I have been following the plan for four days but ~ here comes the excuse! ~ my menopausal body has decided that this is the right moment to have one of its funny turns.  I am in the throws of the menopause and my periods have become erratic; I can go three, four, even five months with nothing then suddenly I have a (usually very heavy) period.  At the moment, I am pretty uncomfortable and very bloated ~ it is quite obvious that I am retaining a lot of fluid.  This usually indicates that a period is around the corner ~ oh, what joy!

So whilst it can't be denied that the result was very disappointing, all I can do is just hang on in there and keep up with the plan.  Once my body is back to (what passes for, at any rate!) normal, then I am hopeful that I should start to see those numbers falling.

Let's see what next week brings...

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